Professional Dog Groomers

We are John and Libby Lee, professional pet groomers and proud owners of Thousand Oaks Mobile Dog Grooming here in Thousand Oaks, CA. Having more than twenty years combined experience as groomers in vet offices, pet salons and mobile pet grooming facilities, we know hands down mobile pet grooming is the most enjoyable for your dog and the most convenient for you! Let us pamper your pal and you’ll soon discover the difference!

John and Libby Lee, Profressional Dog Groomers
John & Libby Lee, Professional Dog Groomers

It’s a tail-wagging experience!

We offer appointments 7 days a week, 7am-7pm. Try us and get $10 off your first service!

Our Mission

Grooming shouldn’t be stressful — it should be enjoyable for your dog and convenient for you. Our mission is to make grooming an exceptionally good experience for both pet and owner. We arrive at your door to groom your dog just steps away in our state-of-the-art mobile grooming facility, with full view of your yard and home. Your dog is our exclusive client during his or her grooming (a.k.a. pampering) service without distraction or interruption. We maintain a detailed pet profile of your dog to tailor the service to your dog’s specific needs and preferences, and even notify you of any new bumps or lumps we find.

Why Mobile Grooming?

With Thousand Oaks Mobile Dog Grooming, you and your dog can enjoy:

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Reduced Risk of Disease
  • Less Time Commitment
  • No Car Rides or Cages
  • Service at Your Home
  • Appointments 7 Days a Week
  • Key Service (Repeat Customers)


We recently relocated to Thousand Oaks from just outside of Washington, DC. We were in search of a new place to call home and the beautiful weather and proximity to the mountains and beach made Thousand Oaks the perfect place for us, our two boys, JJ (12) and Gavin (1), and two Akitas, Lexi and Bear.

We met working in a corporate grooming salon. Since then, we have built our grooming experience in vet offices, private salons and a larger company offering mobile pet grooming for the first time. That’s when we fell in love with mobile grooming.

Our dog, Lexi, came with us to work since she was a puppy and would still get stressed out from being around a lot of dogs and all of the hustle and bustle of a traditional pet salon. The quick, one on one service that mobile offers made a huge difference. Lexi never got stressed out at all.

We decided to open our own mobile dog grooming business in Northern Virginia. After a very successful four years there, we decided to relocated to beautiful Thousand Oaks, CA.

While in Northern Virginia, we worked with local rescue groups and hope to have the same opportunities in California.

As groomers we strive to create a relaxing and safe environment for the dogs we have the pleasure of getting to know. We grow bonds with the dogs we pamper and love them like our own. We each have 11 years of experience working with dogs and take pride in understanding the best ways to make grooming an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.


John & Libby Lee, Professional Pet Groomers

John Lee

Professional Pet Groomer

John quickly bonds with each of his canine clients. He strives to make sure their experience with him is enjoyable and fun.

Libby Lee, Professional Dog Groomer

Libby Lee

Professional Pet Groomer

Libby takes pride in learning just what your dog needs and likes, and makes sure we keep a detailed record in your recorded pet profile.